What is the VIPSS Program?

VIPSS The VIPSS program provides volunteer support during major emergencies, disasters, and planned high-profile major events. VIPSS volunteers serve as the eyes and ears on the ground and report suspicious activity to law enforcement. The program trains citizens in homeland security, terrorism awareness, crowd and traffic management, Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) I & II, emergency communications, basic first aid, CPR, AED training, and other important topics.

Who can be a VIPSS Volunteer?

Volunteers trained in CERT Basic Training are eligible for VIPSS training.  Students from citizens academies, security training, or other academic programs are eligible.

What are the Basic Training Requirements?

The VIPSS Basic Training provides self-help training to volunteers such as disaster medical operations, light search and rescue operations, terrorism, and other important topics.

What is the VIPSS Membership Process?

  1. Complete the online VIPSS Orientation.
  2. Create a profile within the Ohio Responds Database at www.ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov.
  3. Disclose your full medical license within your profile if you are registering as a medical volunteer.
  4. Affirm the Oath online.
  5. Take the required training.

Profiles in researching status within Ohio Responds will remain in that status until all requirements are met.