What is the FC AUXCOMM Program?

The FC AUXCOMM is a team of amateur radio operators and communicators trained and prepared to provide emergency communications capabilities when there is a major gap in connecting with the public, public safety, critical infrastructure, the state or federal government. 

Who can be a FC AUXCOMM Volunteer?

An amateur radio license and an amateur radio organization sponsor is required to join AUXCOMM.  Licensed amateur radio operators trained in net control operations is preferred.

What are the Training Requirements?

There are no formal training requirements.  Licensed amateur radio operators are required with preference to net control operations trained operators. Relevant training topics may be disclosed to FC AUXCOMM members as they are made available.

What is the FC RACES Membership Process?

  1. Complete the online FC AUXCOMM Orientation.
  2. Create a profile within the Serve Ohio Database.
  3. Disclose your amateur radio license within your profile
  4. Affirm the Oath online.
  5. Be available for drills and exercises.

Profiles in researching status within Serve Ohio will remain in that status until all requirements are met.