Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters.

For mitigation to be effective, action needs to happen before the next disaster strikes to reduce human and financial consequences later. A mitigation plan includes projects designed to reduce the likelihood that a natural hazard will result in damage. Examples of mitigation include elevating a home to ensure it remains above flood waters and installing tornado safe rooms to mitigate the threat of injury from a tornado.The plan is federally mandated and requires a complete update every five years.
In 2023, Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security worked with local jurisdictions to update the Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan. Key revisions included enhancing the natural hazard ranking system for the community and conducting a comprehensive hazard analysis for all 42 jurisdictions within Franklin County. Notably, the updated plan now includes a dedicated section addressing climate change, detailing its impact on each hazard listed in the plan. This holistic approach aims to better understand the causes and effects of hazards, thereby improving mitigation strategies. Remarkably, the participation of 90% of the jurisdictions in Franklin County reflects a strong commitment to enhancing each community's resilience.  The plan was approved by FEMA and adopted by resolution in all 42 jurisdictions in Franklin County.

2023 Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan - Vol-1 
2023 Franklin County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan - Vol-2