Darrel Koerber, Deputy Director
Darrel has been the Deputy Director since his arrival in September 2008.  In his role as Deputy, he focuses his attention to all those activities inside the facility; overseeing everyday functions related to fiscal, training, resources, operations and planning.  During an emergency when the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is manned, Darrel acts as the EOC Director to ensure the EOC operates in an effective and efficient manner.  Darrel utilizes his military background to enhance his experience in many different facets of emergency management.  He brings extensive experience in training, exercises, real world crisis situations and team building.

Jan Bartel, Fiscal Manager
Jan has served as the Fiscal Manager for FCEM&HS since 2000.  She prepares the agency’s annual budget and comprehensive financial reports.  She tracks and processes accounts payable, accounts receivable and other accounting related activities. She handles the biweekly payroll for all agency employees and advises the Director of issues or matters related to fiscal status of the agency.  Along with her daily responsibilities, Jan also serves as Finance Administrator for the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (CEPAC).

Becky Brady, Office Manager
Becky is responsible for organizing and coordinating all administrative operations and resources on a daily basis for FCEM&HS.  She provides support to the Director and members of the staff.  She organizes meetings, maintains office supply inventory and ensures all filing systems are up to date and current.  Becky also serves as the Recording Secretary for the FCEM&HS Executive Committee, Franklin County Fire and Police Chiefs Associations and the Franklin County Communications Advisory Committee.  Becky has been with the agency since 2013 and previously served as the Director of Group Insurance Program and Membership Retention with the Ohio Contractors Association (OCA).

Kelly McGuire, Public Affairs Officer
Kelly coordinates all of the agency’s internal and external communications. She is responsible for writing and distributing agency press releases, newsletters and preparedness educational materials.  She manages all content for the FCEM&HS & ALERT Franklin County websites as well as the agency’s social media platforms.  Kelly serves as the media contact for the agency.  She responds to all media inquiries and arranges interviews for the Director and executive staff.  She is responsible for providing the media and the public with timely and accurate information before, during and after an emergency or disaster.  Prior to joining FCEM&HS, Kelly worked for the City of Columbus in the Office of Communications with Columbus City Council and the Columbus Division of Fire.

Lance Witcher , Information Technology Manager
Lance oversees all technology operations for the Agency.  He manages all IT projects, hardware, software & licenses, services, and troubleshoots IT related issues. He evaluates IT technologies, products, services, performance, and provides input for decisions regarding agency-wide technology development.  Lance joined FCEM&HS in the fall of 2018.  He previously served in a number of IT positions with the State of Ohio and the private sector.  

Steve Smith, Operations/Warning Manager
Steve is currently the Operations/Warning Manager.  He oversees the Franklin County Outdoor Warning Siren System and ALERT Franklin County, the county’s mass notification and warning system.  Each week, Steve tests and maintains the county’s outdoor warning sirens. He ensures all 196 sirens are working properly and available for a real-world emergency or disaster.  Steve also serves as the administrator for ALERT Franklin County.  He provides training for all local jurisdictions and assists with administrative services.  Steve joined FCEM&HS in 2011 and previously served as the Deputy Director of Licking County Emergency Management & Homeland Security.

Adam Ingram , Emergency Management Planner
Adam is the Agency’s Emergency Management Planner. He is responsible for the planning operations and activities in support of the Agency’s mission to prepare and protect the citizens of Franklin County before, during, and after a natural or man-made disaster. His duties include researching, reviewing, writing and maintaining The Franklin County Emergency Operations Plan and all associated plans covering topics such as mitigation, hazardous materials and terrorism. Prior to joining FCEM&HS in the fall of 2018, he served as the Director of the Seneca County Emergency Management Agency. Adam brings extensive experience in disaster response to the Agency having deployed out across the country with Team Rubicon USA, a nonprofit organization that pairs military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams to areas impacted by disasters.  

Pam Tickle, Training/Grants Manager
Pam is responsible for coordinating agency trainings for local emergency management professionals, first responders, volunteer organizations, private organizations and other partners in Franklin County and the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). She organizes the grant funded exercises to ensure compliance with grant guidelines and tracks and monitors exercise improvement plans.   She also works with Ohio EMA administering state and local grants to local government organizations.  She has been with the agency since 2004.

Chris Williams, Operations/Resource Manager
Chris became the agency’s Operations/Resource Manager in 2017.  He is responsible for developing and maintaining a county-wide disaster resource data base identifying public and private sources of specialized equipment for use during a disaster or emergency.  He is charged with sustaining plans to coordinate and distribute resources as needed and requested due to natural or man-made disasters (Including donated goods and services).  In addition, Chris also oversees the agency’s volunteer program, Franklin County Community Emergency Response Team (FC CERT).  Chris came to the agency in 2010 with a strong background in emergency management. He served six years as a Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Reservist, gaining valuable experience during Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 Midwest floods as a Disaster Recovery Center Manager.  Earlier this year he received his Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) certification and graduated from the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy.

Gina Williams, 2019 Fiscal Manager
Gina recently joined FCEM&HS and will become the Agency’s Fiscal Manager in 2019.  After completing her training, she will assume her duties following the retirement of Jan Bartel, the current Fiscal Manager, early next year. Gina will be responsible for preparing the Agency’s annual budget and comprehensive financial reports.  Additionally, she will oversee accounts payable, accounts receivable, the bi-weekly employee payroll as well as other accounting related activities for the Agency. Gina previously served as a Fiscal Specialist with the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and additional fiscal positions with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council.