What is Emergency Management?

Emergency management is the managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. Emergency Management is practiced at the local and state levels of government. Emergency Management consists of four primary activities: Hazard Mitigation, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response and Recovery.

What is the function of Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security?

Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security (FCEM&HS) coordinates and prepares for all-hazards disaster planning, community education, warning, training, grant funding, response, and recovery efforts to prepare and protect the citizens of Franklin County before, during, and after natural and man-made disasters. FCEM&HS also serves as the primary point of contact and liaison with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for additional resources. 

Why does Franklin County have an Emergency Management Agency?

In accordance with Chapter 5502 of the Ohio Revised Code and organized as a regional agency under the 1988 Countywide Agreement, Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security provides all-hazards emergency management and disaster preparedness functions for the 42 local government jurisdictions of Franklin County.

How does FCEM&HS respond during a major disaster?

The agency’s role in a major disaster is to coordinate the county’s emergency response. Most emergencies start and end at the local level and are handled by local police, fire, and emergency medical personnel. FCEM&HS becomes involved when an emergency overwhelms a local jurisdiction, exhausts mutual aid resources and additional help is needed from the state and/or federal government.

What should I do to prepare for a disaster?

Know what hazards can affect Franklin County.  Make a Plan that will work for all hazards and discuss it with all family members. Build a Kit of the basic items your household may need, in the event of an emergency or disaster. Stay Informed. Listen to emergency officials and local media for information.

How can I be alerted if there is a disaster or emergency?

Sign up for ALERT Franklin County at www.alertfranklincounty.org.  This system enables officials to provide critical information directly to you as emergencies happen through text, email, or phone. Listen for the outdoor warning sirens.  FCEM&HS activates the sirens when the National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning for Franklin County.  Once activated the outdoor warning sirens will sound with a tone for 3 minutes followed by 7 minutes of silence, this sequence will continue until the warning in cancelled.   
Purchase a NOAA weather radio to keep updated on weather conditions impacting your area.
Tune in: monitor news sites, social media, print media, and community announcements.