Warning Program

The FCEM&HS Warning Program coordinates the Franklin County Outdoor Warning Siren System.  The system consists of 196 outdoor warning sirens located throughout Franklin County.  The outdoor warning sirens alert residents who are outside with tones or a spoken message which can be transmitted for other types of emergencies if needed.

FCEM&HS activates the outdoor warning sirens when a Tornado Warning is issued for Franklin County by the National Weather Service (NWS).  Once activated the outdoor warning sirens will sound with a tone for 3 minutes followed by 7 minutes of silence, this sequence will continue until the warning in cancelled.

The Franklin County Siren Watch Program helps to ensure the outdoor warning sirens are working properly and is a key element to the Warning Program.  Each Wednesday at noon, FCEM&HS tests the siren network to ensure functionality. Through the Siren Watch Program, citizen volunteers known as Siren Watchers monitor and report on one assigned outdoor warning siren which assists FCEM&HS address potential system errors.

In addition, ALERT Franklin County, a county-wide mass notification and warning system, is a vital component of the Warning Program and managed by FCEM&HS. The system can be used to alert residents about emergencies and other important community news in all jurisdictions within Franklin County.

Through the Warning Program, FCEM&HS also partners with Lamar Advertising to display urgent weather and emergency notifications on electronic billboards throughout Franklin County.