The Franklin County Community Emergency Response Team (FC CERT) Program is a core volunteer program of FCEM&HS. The program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their community and trains them in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

Why Take FC CERT Training?

Local jurisdictions in Franklin County prepare for emergencies every day.  However, there can be an emergency or disaster that can overwhelm the community's immediate response capability.  Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, FC CERT volunteers can assist others in their neighborhood following a disaster when professional responders are not immediately available without compromising their own safety.  The goal of CERT training is to give people the decision-making, organizational, and practical skills to offer immediate assistance to family members, neighbors, and co-workers while waiting for help.

FC CERT Training is FREE! Units are instructed by local first responders and qualified volunteers.Classes are held one day a week for 9 consecutive weeks.  Each class typically runs about 3 hours for a total of 27 hours of training.  FC CERT has over 300 members.

Below are the topics covered during FC CERT Training:

  • Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness
  • Unit 2: Fire Safety and Utility Control
  • Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations 1
  • Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations 2
  • Unit 5: Light Urban Search and Rescue
  • Unit 6: CERT Organization
  • Unit 7: Disaster Psychology
  • Unit 8: Terrorism and CERT
  • Unit 9: Disaster Simulation

Interested in becoming a FC CERT Volunteer? Click here to register for an upcoming class or fill out a CERT volunteer interest form.

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