The Franklin County Joint Information Center (JIC) can serve as a single point of coordination for all public information operations in the event of an emergency or disaster in Franklin County.  The JIC enables public information staff representing all agencies and organizations involved in the incident the ability to coordinate and disseminate official, accurate and consistent information in a timely manner to the public and media.

The JIC can be activated by the FCEM&HS Director at the request of an Incident Commander(IC) and/or affected local jurisdiction Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in Franklin County.  It is designed to work equally well for large or small situations and can expand or contract to meet the needs of the incident. Efficient information flow is critical to effectively inform the public before, during, and after a county-wide emergency or disaster. By maintaining a centralized communication facility, resources can be better managed and duplication of effort is minimized.

The purpose of a Joint Information Center is to:

  • Gather and coordinate information and serve as the “hub” for the release of timely, accurate, and consistent information.
  • Allow all involved organizations to speak with “one voice” providing consistent messages to the public.
  • Monitor traditional and social media coverage to verify the accuracy of information being disseminated.
  • Be proactive in responding to the information needs of the media and the public.