The Franklin County Emergency Operations Center (FCEOC) provides a central location for interagency and inter-jurisdictional coordination and executive decision-making to better manage disaster response and recovery in our community.  Local officials can assemble at this fixed-site facility to plan and coordinate effective responses to dangerous events such as tornadoes, floods, terror attacks, and other large incidents in accordance with the Franklin County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

The FCEOC is designed to foster effective communications, build situational awareness and establish a common operational picture (COP) for all involved in the incident response.  The facility and its staff serve to support Incident Commanders and jurisdiction leadership through information collection, evaluation, display and dissemination; establishing of clear priorities; short- and long-term planning; efficient resource management; and coordination of damage assessment and other recovery operations.

FCEM&HS Staff, along with our emergency partners filling essential Emergency Support Function (ESF) roles, populate the FCEOC during the appropriate assigned Crisis Action System (CAS) Level to perform the functions of the FCEOC.  Along with items listed above, the FCEOC is tasked with, but not limited to, the following:

  • Foster non-political cooperation among all local jurisdictions and contiguous counties;
  • Link for Franklin County jurisdictions to state and federal resources;
  • Multi-agency coordination for disaster response and recovery efforts;
  • Coordination and support for all hazards incident response.

CAS Levels

The FCEOC is always open; the question is how robustly it is manned.  FCEM&HS utilizes a Crisis Action System (CAS) to help govern the level at which staffing of the FCEOC may be increased or decreased. The Director/designee strives to match the CAS Level with the size and scope of the response.

CAS Level Normal (Normal daily operations): FCEM&HS Staff man their respective offices and monitor (passively) events within the County.

CAS Level 1 (Situation Awareness and Assessment): Begins a formal assessment process structured to create situational awareness, stimulate communication among FCEM&HS staff, and facilitate ongoing information sharing and consultation by FCEM&HS with jurisdictions to assess and monitor an incident from the time of inception.

CAS Level 2 (Enhanced Assessment): FCEM&HS Staff may be reinforced with select Emergency Support Function (ESF) partners to enhance the level of assessment and handle short-term resource requests.

CAS Level 3 (Fully Manned):  As an event grows, all ESF emergency partners are called to join the FCEOC in anticipation of multiple resource requests; facilitate planning; and maintenance of situational awareness.