The Franklin County Assessment Center monitors local, state and national events and potential situations which may affect Franklin County.  FCEM&HS utilizes the assessment center as an initial response to an incident. The assessment center is staffed for weather events and is often the first step toward staffing the Franklin County Emergency Operations Center (FC EOC) and calling for a community wide response.

During an incident, FCEM&HS staff assesses the situation through all available means, including contact with those on-scene, and utilizes all available information to make a determination as to the scope of the response.  If there is a significant widespread impact, Assessment Center staffing conducts jurisdictional assessments of private, public and public service facilities and reports the information to the FC EOC Manager.  The information is used to prioritize response efforts and determine potential resources needed. The assessment results also will indicate if the incident has overwhelmed a jurisdiction(s) and if a disaster declaration for state or federal resources is needed.

The Assessment Center also allows the agency to monitor planned activities, such as Red, White and Boom, to ensure the agency is prepared should a response be needed. All activities taking place in the assessment center are documented and disseminated as needed.