Franklin County Experiencing Unauthorized Outdoor Warning Siren Activations

    Posted: 6/26/2020
    (COLUMBUS, OHIO) – Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (FCEM&HS) would like to inform the public that recently there have been unauthorized activations of several outdoor sirens within the Franklin County Outdoor Warning Siren System.  These activations have occurred over the past two nights in the far northwest section of Franklin County.  The timing of these activations has occurred at approximately midnight and upon notification of the siren sounding, FCEM&HS took immediate action to shut down the activation.  
    FCEM&HS takes the reliability and integrity of the siren system very seriously.  We understand that no one wishes to be disturbed needlessly at any time and especially during the overnight hours.  Upon immediate evaluation, we have found no indication of any equipment failure.  Following a thorough assessment, we believe this is the result of a malicious act initiated by someone who is close to the siren creating a condition to cause it to operate.
    “This is an unfortunate purposeful act by a local bad actor designed to impact the safety, security and peace of our community and if discovered, we will consult with law enforcement, regulatory authorities and legal counsel to take the appropriate action,”  said Jeffrey J. Young, Director of Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security. “We are very proud of the long history of reliability and functionality of the outdoor warning siren system that serves all of Franklin County.  The system is constantly monitored, serviced, tested and maintained, and has been appropriately upgraded over the years.  It is unfortunate that someone would choose to attack this public safety system”
    FCEM&HS reminds the community that the outdoor warning siren system is designed to alert people who are outdoors when a Tornado Warning is issued.  The sirens are part of a layered system to alert the public of severe weather which also includes Wireless Emergency Alerts, Alert Franklin County, Weather Alert Radios and our broadcast media partners.
    We will continue to work diligently to resolve this issue, identify the person or persons responsible and to ensure the integrity of the siren system.  We are asking for the public’s help to identify the person or persons responsible.  If anyone has information regarding these malicious acts or has observed anyone acting in a manner that impacts the integrity of the system, please notify FCEM&HS at 614 794-0213 or
    “If you see something say something”