Local Emergency Management Agency Addresses Threat of Cyberterrorism

    Posted: 9/10/2014

    Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security develops Cybersecurity Initiative

    (COLUMBUS, OHIO) – Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (FCEM&HS) is serving as the lead agency for the development of a regional Cybersecurity Work Group. Due to the ever increasing threat against Cyber infrastructure, the development of a regional public private work group is vital for increasing regional preparedness. FCEM&HS will host the First Cybersecurity Work Group during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October 2014. 

    The threat of Cyberterrorism is increasing and has become one of the most important risks facing modern society.  Cyberterrorism uses various means to exploit system vulnerabilities and compromise information systems.  

    Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility amongst the public and private sectors involving partnerships encompassing emergency management, law enforcement, public health, local/state/federal government, private sector, nongovernmental organizations, faith-based & community-based organizations, and the public. 

    “In the aftermath of a cyber-attack, citizens will most likely rely on their local government and private sector institutions and resources in the same way they would during a major weather event or other local disaster”, said Michael R. Pannell, Director of Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security. “It is essential to partner with multiple stakeholders to leverage and share resources to ensure local communities are prepared.”

    FCEM&HS received funding for the Central Ohio Cybersecurity Initiative through the State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSP). A Cybersecurity Guide for local jurisdictions will be developed and disseminated by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA). 

    Click here for more information on the FCEM&HS regional Cybersecurity Initiative.           

    FCEMHS is a local government agency which coordinates county-wide emergency/disaster planning, education, warning, response and recovery.