Regional communications

Franklin County's first responders depend on reliable communications systems to relay critical information in real-time during an incident. Today’s wireless communications systems must support all types of response to hazards ranging from tornadoes to terrorism, requiring coordinated participation from agencies at all levels of government. Interoperability, or the ability for emergency responders to communicate among jurisdictions, disciplines, and levels of government, using a variety of frequency bands as needed and as authorized, is vital. 

The Franklin County Regional Communications Coordinator plays an integral role in providing administrative oversight and management of the communications systems managed or coordinated by FCEM&HS.  This includes the Franklin County Radio system, Franklin County 911 database, and Homeland Security Regional Communications.  The coordinator monitors radio system performance, identifies issues and coordinates installation, repair, and maintenance of radio system software and network components. 
The program’s administrator assists in the development and maintenance of the Tactical Interoperability Communications (TIC) Plan and is the main contact for Franklin County.  The coordinator serves as a liaison to the State of Ohio 911 Coordinator, Franklin County Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPS) as well as multiple other radio system administrators and the Central Ohio Amateur Radio groups.
The Franklin County Regional Communications Program strives to ensure that neighboring jurisdictions and multiple disciplines can communicate with each other in times of an emergency, leading to a better response and safer communities.