Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Chris Williams                               CERT & Citizen Corps Coordinator       (614) 794-0213
Operation Flood Fight

CERT County-Level Operations

Operation Flood Fight

Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security


About Operation Flood Fight

Operation Flood Fight is a mission of Franklin County (FC) CERT issued by our FCEM&HS Director to support the City of Columbus in their effort to save the community of Franklinton from flooding by filling and placing sandbags along the Franklinton Floodwall. The Franklinton Floodwall is 7.2 miles long according to the City of Columbus. The Franklinton Floodwall could not be built over areas such as roadways and railways. These 6 areas are where FC CERT will support the City of Columbus in closing those gaps with sandbags called sandbag closures. 20,000 sandbags weighing an average of 40 pounds will need filled and placed along each sandbag closure. Operation Flood Fight can last 10 hours, or more, to close the gaps with sandbags based on the height of the flood waters. The overall Operation Flood Fight plan can last 17 hours or more from the time the FC CERT Coordinator is activated to demobilization of all volunteers.

What is a Flood Fight Operations Specialist?

  • A Flood Fight Operations Specialist is a response-ready FC CERT volunteer who has been trained in the safety and operations of filling sandbags and building sandbag closures.
  • Such levees will help mitigate the effects of flood waters on the west bank of the Scioto River, primarily the area of Franklinton, in the event of a flood emergency there.

What is the risk of flooding?

  • Flooding is a top risk in Franklin County according to the Franklin County Risk Assessment.
  • According to, the average annual U.S. flood losses in the past 10 years (2001-2010) were more than $2.7 billion.  Just an inch of water can cause costly damage to your property.  In a high-risk area, your home is more than twice as likely to be damaged by a flood as by fire.
  • According to, FEMA officially designated Franklinton as being within the 100-year floodplain in 1982.

Why should I help by becoming a volunteer Flood Fight Specialist?

  • According to, the Franklinton floodwall is 7.2 miles long and cost $129 million to protect 2,800 acres.
  • However, the floodwall could not be built over everything.  There are several roadways, railways, and other locations along the Scioto's west bank in downtown Columbus which need sandbag closures to help ensure floodwaters can be mitigated.
  • Many volunteers will be needed to help with the sandbag closures - filling sandbags and building sandbag closures is both labor- and resource-intensive.

Operation Flood Fight Links:

    Sign up for Operation Flood Fight Classes.  Sign up currently closed?  Register here if interested in Operation Flood Fight.

    OSHA Filling, Moving, and Placing Sandbags During Flood Disasters 

    Citizen Corps Volunteer Summit Operation Flood Fight PowerPoint presentation

    City of Columbus Division of Sewerage and Drainage Meggabagger Sandbag Filling Machine presentation

    Operation Flood Fight Shelter-In-Place Veterans Memorial location

    Scioto River at Columbus - Frank Road river stage and forecast.  This is the river gauge monitored by the City of Columbus for the Franklinton Floodwall.

    Olentangy River near Worthington river stage and forecast

    Ohio stream flow conditions from USGS

    Failure is not an option.  We continue to prepare for Operation Flood Fight.  Are you ready to volunteer?

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